Let's not kid ourselves:
I am not, nor have I ever been, a business. I am a stupid kid putting out records, just as I was a stupid kid putting out records 10+ years ago, just as you are a stupid kid looking at a boring webpage. I am not interested in having the fastest mailorder, the slickest releases with the biggest distribution, the nicest website, or the biggest profit return. I am interested in fucking hardcore and the kids that make it that really put their hearts into it. If you want something sleek, professional, and glossy you are going to have to look elsewhere. There are no pretensions here, just a stupid label with some stupid records. If I were you, I'd find this honesty refreshing. Enjoy.

* What's Up With The Label? The label has changed in many ways over the past few years. It is no longer my main focus, and it no longer is very active. For the time being I'm happy to be putting out a record-or-two every year-or-two by friends who make great music. This change came about by various means, but that's not too important, my main focus is running a punk/hardcore recording studio Dead Air. To do both things full on would be too much for me to take on, so the label is somewhat in the backseat.

* Mailorder, for real? I'm fucking slow. I have always been fucking slow. I am sorry if you have been spoiled by labels with employees who live to do nothing else besides make sure you only wait a week to get your records. Does it suck I take so long, yes! If this bums you out get the record somewhere else. Meanwhile, I have been actively doing mailorder with much more frequency lately, so you shouldn't have to wait more than a month, or two, which is better that when it was a year or so.... Oops!

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